The NUFWS committee are here to help! Be it tips for on the fells, or just a friendly face for you to see when you join a social, we will always make ourselves available to you.



A Sociology Student from Huddersfield. She a fantastic example that the fells aren’t just for boys having just completed her ML and is a certified Skipper. Keep inspiring Fiona



Having mastered baking ben is moving onto his next greatest challenge, Convincing people he is indeed 6ft tall



Owen still cycles and still seems to be confused that fell walking is not the cycling society, but he’s a great laugh at the strawberry, a natural on the mountains and books our bunkhouses so we guess he can stay.


Welfare Officer

Rach is a final year computer science student who uses fell walking as a reminder that the whole world is not a computer program, but no she cannot fix your printer.


Vice President

Mr Melling a medical student most often seen with Cecsil, a trust walking stick he whittled for all his hiking needs. He’s very fond of his Yorkshire roots and like many of his kind still calls it ‘gods own country’


Social Sec

A geography student from Sheffield Robin spent a lot of time in the Peak District Robin can’t wait to meet us all on the fells again.


Social Sec

Anna has swapped the sea for the fells this year and will be joining the committee as our social sec. A biochem student with some great social ideas, we wont be going mad with uni work on her watch


Gear Sec

Harry is a fast paced hiker with a ton of experience including fell running, though sometimes you may want to remind him he’s in boots not trainers, he will always provide a great walk on the fells.


Walk Leader

When Dom ended his tenure as gear sec last year we were worried our Wainwright bagging, spreadsheet loving member might be gone forever. But fear not, Dom’s organisation and navigation skills are coming back as a walk leader this year.


Social Media Sec

Tamzin may be new to the fells but she’s got enthusiasm and spirit to rival us all. Like many of our new members last year Tamzin wasn’t put off by a lack of trips and is looking forward to developing her mountain skills in the year to come.