The NUFWS committee are here to help! Be it tips for on the fells, or just a friendly face for you to see when you join a social, we will always make ourselves available to you.



A Sociology Student from Huddersfield. She seems to believe that Yorkshire is “gods country” and is a class Patagonia sales woman, shame she doesn’t get paid for it though.

Ben C


Recently returned from Canada Ben is now struggling to talk without adding eh to the end of his sentences. He will also be in charge of our weekly email blast, so sign up to hear more from him directly.

Ben H


Ben is a computer science student with a secret, not only does he like the outdoors he’s also a baker! One must wonder if the degree is really a cover up so he can practice making cakes without a soggy bottom before he debuts on ‘The Great British Bake Off’


Welfare Officer

You can never be too prepared at least that’s what Anna believes, even in the height of summer Flash (Anna’s ice axe) will never be left behind. Anna’s dedication to flash is replicated in her dedication to social issues and looking after people so never be afraid to reach out.


Social Sec

Holly is currently bagging the wainwrights in the lake district and has spent the last year encouraging others to join in. Having only been waking a year she will definitely be able to help with doubts you may have as a new starter.


Social Sec

Owen seemed to forget that hes joined the fell walking society, as he has just racked up 25,000km (thats 15,534 miles) on his bike, something which stirs up quite a controversy in our Strava community when he constantly wins the leader-board.


Gear Sec

Dom loves a spreadsheet which is why he’s a natural choice for our gear secretary. It’s also why if you take anything without approval, Dom will chase you down until whats in the store matches his beloved spreadsheets.


Social Media Sec

Rach’s friends regret ever asking about fell walking as they quickly realised she never shuts up about it. However on her placement year, she now has a whole new group of people to enlighten – hopefully she wont bore them quite as quickly.